A Song From the Heart Beats the Devil Every Time


February 14, 2021

Kier-La talks to acclaimed poet, author, playwright and screenwriter Carol Lynn Pearson, who adapted Jean Mizer's classic short story into the 1974 Mormon film production of the same name.


Written, edited and hosted by: Kier-La Janisse
Special guest: Carol Lynn Pearson 

Bonus Audio - Carol Lynn Pearson reads "Our Mother in the Movies"

Clips from:

Cipher in the Snow ©1974 Brigham Young University
Brigham Young ©1940 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Mirror, Mirror ©1969 Brigham Young University
The Great Brain ©1978 Inter Planetary Pictures 

Snakes ©MCMLXXV Holy Wednesday Productions, Inc.


War in Heaven - The Osmonds 1973 Polydor Records
Before the Beginning - The Osmonds 1973 Polydor Records
Are You Up There? - The Osmonds 1973 Polydor Records
Darlin' - The Osmonds 1973 Polydor Records
And Now You Know Me - The Clingers 1969 Columbia Records

Additional music from freemusicarchive.org:
Solitude - Entertainment for the Braindead
Travel Light - Jason Shaw
Running Water - Jason Shaw
Ghosts - Crowander

Theme Song: "Hot Fudge Holy Moley" from WXYZ-TV's The Hot Fudge Show (1974-1980)

Special Thanks to Skip Elsheimer, Dennis Nyback, Jesse Ficks, Chris Davidson and Becky Ebenkamp
Logo by Sinead Yau at Mojo Valley


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